Want to see what cooperative kids look like?

Cooperative Kids

Ask any photographer and they will tell you that their kids suffer from the “photographers kid” syndrome. Symptoms of this include: developing fevers, stomach issues, rashes and toothaches on planned photo days; ruining clothing meant for photos, and if by a small miracle you actually get them dressed and out the door they are guaranteed to spend the entire time averting eye contact with the lens, throwing tantrums and generally acting like a bunch of kittens scattering about the fields and farms only to be brought back by the sharp teeth of their mama cat. Hence exactly what has been happening with my tiny little miracles. We had planned Easter photos. I had outfits purchased, ironed- ready to go. On Easter morning the kids woke up with a fever! Easter was cancelled for us. Then came a series of unfortunate events: more illness, bad weather, a case of dress-stained and ripped situation and a incident of toddlers pants outgrowing his body. So after much hassle and planning we finally made it outside and by some miracle we actually didn’t all cry at the end of the session. Just for the record – we photographers have a very high success rate with clients kids, because lets be honest – most of my clients report a very similar experience when trying to photograph their own children.

Spring Pics May 2016-7.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-10.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-2.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-5.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-6.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-4.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-8.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-3.jpg
Spring Pics May 2016-9.jpg


If you like me to capture photos of your little miracles fill out out contact form- spring flowers don’t bloom for long!

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