Printing and Storing Digital Images

Printing and Storing Digital Images

If the package you purchased from us included digital images you must take into consideration how you will store and use the images.

Digital Images

Once your order is ready for pickup you will receive a link to download your digital images.  A USB is available only with purchase of a full digital collection.

The link you receive will expire shortly- please download and backup your digital files as soon as possible by downloading them to the hard drive on your computer and creating a secondary backup as added security.  Hanging On A Moment Photography is not responsible for keeping a copy of your images after they were successfully delivered to you.  Once your gallery expires a $50 archival fee may be applicable for any galleries that need to be retrieved and reopened (if still available)

The best way to preserve a digital image is to create archival-quality prints.  Technology may change and storage formats can be damaged.   Remember the Floppy Disk?  Now most computers are build without a CD Drive.  What will the technology be in 10 years?

*** Digital Images created by Hanging On A Moment Photography are protected by US Copyright Laws.  Please refer to your Print Release for further details.  When posting to Social Media please tag Hanging On A Moment Photography.

Printing Your Images

To maintain professional quality we highly recommend printing your images thought Hanging On A Moment Photography.  Our professional print lab diligently calibrates their printers, and sources their paper and ink supplies from the highest quality archival quality suppliers.  In the consumer world where the only thing that matters is ‘cheap’ printing, that is not the case.    Since print labs vary in quality, color collaboration and paper type use- we cannot guarantee color, sharpness or quality for any prints not printed with us.

If you choose to print your own photos, seek out the highest quality of print you can find, we recommend choosing the MyCreativeShop options.  It is not advisable to print at a pharmacy or chain store.  Choose a small business who’s primary work in photography printing or the sale of photo equipment.  Small businesses will be able to provide you with a much better product and you can feel good about supporting the small businesses that build and grow the communities you live in.

We appreciate your business and encourage you to take good care of your precious memories.

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