Your Wedding Photography Team

We decided to venture into photography as a business because we love what it stands for. We’ve spend years exploring the beautiful expanse of the west with our cameras strapped to our backs so the love for photography and adventure runs deep in our veins. Photos is what brings us back to our favorite places and what helps us remember the excitement of what it means to be out on the open road.

To know how we work is to know who we are. We met back in 2000, both in our final years of collage trying to prepare for the ‘real world’. What brought us together as a couple is our mutual drive to find new things and exciting places all around us. We spent many a day’s wondering woody paths, off roading in the Jeep and looking for roads less traveled and lounging lazily in the warm sun. Our quest for adventure (and general avoidance of the ‘growing up’ part) let us West! We packed a few boxes on top of the Jeep, strapped a cooler in the front and took a slow, hot drive (no AC) through some of the most amazing terrain this country has to offer. As we wound out way west we fell in love with the mountains, then the dessert and when we reached the Pacific we longed for her blue waters and rugged shoreline.

We stayed in California as long as we could and when we had to finally return east we took a 5 week road trip that wound us up and down the US and Canada- through the mountains, and the rivers, through the valleys…etc you get the idea. Instead of quenching our need for the open road, it only invigorated it! I guess if you do what you love you can never get enough of it.

Photography and travel and synonymous to us, both are held in equal esteem. We love bringing the sense of fun, adventure and exploration to our photos. We aren’t afraid to go the extra length for that amazing first kiss on the wedding day, or to run like mad for hours with no breaks and we are prepared to deal with almost any situation with a smile and a genuine appreciation of the craziness, amazingness and magic that all happens on a wedding day.

In choosing us to photograph you wedding day, you are choosing us to share in your journey, to capture the magic and the love and to forever encapsulate for yourself and future generations the moments and people that helped write your very own love story!



Justyna & Mike Poserina