If you can't tell already by looking at my photos, I love babies.  The innocence that comes with being brand new to the world, their soft skin, and who can resist that brand new baby smell. Taking photos of newborns is one of the most challenging types of photography.  It takes years and a whole lot of dedication and training, to produce images that look effortless and seamless. After all, you’re dealing with the most vulnerable, precious and newest member of the family, and handling that special baby with expert care is something that should be only trusted to a professional photographer with lots of experience handling babies. 


These photos will capture more than just your sleepy newborn. You’ll look back on them and remember this entire period of your life. You’ll remember feeling your baby growing inside you for those months that, at times, felt endless.  You’ll remember the pains of labor, and that first moment you looked into your baby's eyes. You’ll remember how it was all worth it. How that bond was instant and fierce. Having newborn photos of your baby taken is not something you can do over. They grow fast...much faster than we’d like...so we want to capture them while they’re still brand new.  

Our newborn sessions are scheduled during the second week of the baby's life, ideally before they hit the 2 week mark.  For that reason, we recommend booking your session during the second trimester of pregnancy to assure availability. Due to the unpredictable nature of childbirth we limit the number of newborn sessions booked for each month. Bookings are done on a first come first serve basis so don't hesitate to book your session.

Our sessions are typically held in our Monroe Connecticut studio, which has been designed with babies in mind. We have a comfortable seating area (a.k.a. parent nap zone), changing table, comfy seatingr,  Boppy pillow and fast Wi-Fi access. We also provide light snacks, tea, coffee and a well-stocked refreshment area . During your session you are free to relax, snack, catch up on emails or take a nap and we will take care of your sweet baby.

At the end of your session you are welcome to view and select your photos or return to the studio at a laer dat for your Design and Order Appointment .  I will help you select and design wall art to help compliment your home decor, albums to show off you baby and digital images to share with friends and family.   

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