Pregnancy represents a personal and unique moment in a woman's life.  Your pregnancy may feel like an eternity, but in reality it’s just a fleeting moment.  You only have one opportunity to capture this pregnancy - with this baby - even if it's not your first or last.  Growing up, I had just one photograph of my mother pregnant with me, and I still remember how often I looked at it.  The thought of being carried around in my mother's growing belly under that big winter coat!  How special and loved that made me feel.  I hope to give your baby the same gift of wonder. To see the unbreakable bond already developing between mother and child. 


The very first question we get from expecting moms is always ‘when should we schedule the session’?  While the answer may vary for different women, generally anytime between week 30 to 35 is a safe time frame.  Closer to 30 weeks if you are carrying bigger, had previous pregnancies, or are carrying multiples.  Closer to 35 weeks if this is your first child.  

There are women who love and embrace their super pregnant belly’s and prefer to wait until the very last moment to capture their full rounded belly’s.  To assure availability, please book your maternity session during your second trimester.  Most maternity gowns are hand sewn so please account for the additional production time when placing your orders for dresses.  


We offer in-studio maternity sessions, outdoor sessions, as well as documentary style sessions that can be done in your home.  Each session type will look vastly different in posing, style and composition.  We are happy to discuss your options with you during our complimentary pre-consultation, and will help you decide which types of images you would like most.  This is also a great opportunity to try on our studio maternity wardrobe, if you are planning on using one our our gowns. It also gives you a chance to glance over our newborn work and prop selection, to help you plan your newborn session.

We offer several package options for maternity sessions, including Maternity & First Years baby plan memberships.  To review all your options, please email us or complete the contact form.