Extended Family Session – Rowayton, CT

Extended Family Session

We had the perfect evening to capture this special session. Its not often that this group is in its entirety so photos like this make it even more special. And luckily for us the weather and the baby cooperated so that’s clearly a win-win for everyone! And can I just add that this family was so much fun! So easy and natural! I love it, it was a beautiful place at the Aegis Gardens senior center where the oldest of the family lives.

DO Tell Them What to Do
If your clients are enjoying themselves, you’ll have a higher chance of beautiful family photos. You might find a family that is experienced in photo shoots and who like posing in front of the camera. But it is not common.
Posing is not a natural thing for most people. Some of the family members (if not all of them) might feel a bit uncomfortable. This discomfort will appear in the photo and make it look fake.
Instead of directing and ordering them to pose, organise the session and plan things for them to do: walk, run, dance, play, lean on a wall, hide behind a tree and peek from the sides, hug each other, make shapes, play games etc.
Take candid photos while the family is having fun. Your images will look beautiful and will also remind them of the great time they spent together, in a garden of a backyard, and you an even improve the look of your garden getting the best accessories for this, you could read more here.

Do NOT Pose Your Clients Facing the Sun
If you can, avoid having the family looking towards the sun or strong light sources. A lot of people still believe that taking photos with the sun at the back of the subject is not right.
You might think that posing with the sun in front of them offers more light, but the end results can be extremely unflattering. Ugly shadows will appear under their eyebrows, nose and neck.
On top of that, the family will be annoyed by the light shining into their eyes. They will either close their eyes or squint until the torture is over. To avoid all this, just have them turn around.



Thank you for reading my blog.  I love capturing those sweet newborns, babies & kids of all ages, expecting moms and families -it makes my heart sing.  Our studio is based in Fairfield County, Monroe CT, but we work with families all over Connecticut and beyond. For more information or to book your session please click here


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