Ayla’s 5.5 Session | Milford, CT

Ayla’s 5.5 Session

So while many would not consider 5 and half years old to be a noteworthy Milestone- in my house the half birthdays are pretty worthy of celebration. This is my little girl Ayla and not only did she start Kindergarden this year, she also started using phrases such as “what if” and “whatever mom” ! This marks the official beginning of the end of early childhood innocence in my book. The world of kindergarden has matured her and exposed her to so much of the world beyond our house that I hardly feel like I know her sometimes. And the fact that she’s enjoying her new found freedom so much makes my heart ache in a very unique mixture of pride and pain! So before she starts loosing her teeth to make room for those grown up chompers and before she no longer glows when she receives undivided attention from me- I wanted to take a moment to capture her girlhood. My heart melts looking at her beautiful face, but she is so much more than just a beautiful face. She’s brave and wise beyond her years, she’s fierce and intelligent, she’s a book loving, teddy bear hoarding, little brother tickling, daddies little girl, mommy pride making kind of girl. We couldn’t be prouder of her. And while at times I see nothing of myself in her, I am reminded that she is her own being. She’s making her very own mark on the world and I am nothing but a mere contributor of genes and opportunities!

5th Year Photos-1.jpg
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