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Pure Magic 

Its a sort of magic- seeing the world though a tiny little rectangle from the back of a camera. You get to include or exclude what you want- carefully crafting the final piece with light and life. To me it was magic from the very first time I held a camera. It was a terrible cheap piece of plastic that hardy ever took a focused or properly exposed photo- but never the less I was hooked. Then one day a friend of the family came over and she took a few snapshots of my niece while they were visiting us for the summer. She send us the photos later on and I was shocked! How could she, standing right next to me, taking the same photo- create THIS while my little flimsily piece of plastic only created fuzzy dark illusions of life! I needed to know, I needed to ask this poor women 10 thousand questions, I needed to be able to do that. To replicate life, to transfer raw emotion and pure moment into a lifeless piece of paper. I needed to make that paper come to life at my will.

I won’t bore you with all the years in between.  The story you’ve heard from others about the eternal search of knowledge and beauty.  Only know that the need to know, to create only grew with time.  The pieces of plastic grew up and graduated into sophisticated pieces of glass.  But those are only tools, they alone cannot create, they cannot connect with people, they cannot sooth a baby or elicit pure emotion, they cannot make phone calls or answer late night email.  While the very same pieces of equipment are owned by many, rarely to they produce the same results.  They are just tools, lifeless … waiting for a playdate, a sunset, a moment.  I am just a craftsmen.  Someone wise once said that when you do what you love you are in the zone, in the groove, at one with the universe-  its as if time no longer matters.  That loss of time and all encompassing focus is what we now know as happiness.

 The connection I have with people thought my craft is my happiness.  The memories I create for families is my joy.

This is my family.  I am the tall blond in the pink dress.  As you can clearly see my genes rule the kingdom as by beautiful children inherited my blond hair and my eastern european flare!  I’m one lucky mom and wife.
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