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      Newborn Photography Sessions

      Newborn Session typically take place in our Milford studio during the babies first two weeks of life. It’s imperative to book your session while still pregnant to assure availability.  We schedule a tentative date about 10 days past the due date, once baby arrives parents contact us to firm up the appointment.  A typical session can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on various factors.  We provide all the props, wraps and accessories for your session.  Outfits are not recommended for newborns since clothes tent to fit awkwardly on a little baby.  If you like to select some personalized items for your wee one, check out for wraps, bows, hats and blankets.  Handmade items work best and add to the uniqueness of your session.  Just be sure to send us some photos of what you have ahead of time so we can plan the session best around the items you have selected.

      Our studio is fully equipped to welcome you and your baby in comfort.  We keep the temperatures of the studio between 80 to 85 degrees so keep that in mind when choosing your wardrobe.  We have a changing station, a comfortable feeding chair with access to electric outlets (for pumping moms) as well as a bottle warmer and refrigerator to store and warm milk/formula.  We keep the atmosphere very quiet and peaceful and it’s not unlikely to have new parents snoozing in our chairs as we capture photos of their little babies.  We encourage you to bring drinks and snacks with you, especially for the new mom who is still recovering.  When you arrive we will ask you to top your baby off with a little milk or formula to help them settle into the environment.

      If you would like photos taken with your newborn, I recommend bringing a change of clothes.  Neutral, solid colors and logo free shirts works best for parents.  Babies are best photographed nude or with a wrap and diaper cover- we have plenty you can choose from so no need for you to bring your own unless you picked one for the session specifically.

      If you have an older sibling you would like photographed with a newborn its best to have the child brought in at the beginning or end of the session.  Children will often get bored very quickly.  If that’s not possible, consider entertainment and snacks for your child.  Please let us know ahead of time if you have older sibling coming and we will discuss the best way to approach the situation.   For baby sibling shots, ivory or solid color dresses for the ladies- and for the boy’s jeans with no shirt works wonderfully.

      Do to the size of our studio and in an effort to keep the atmosphere peaceful during the session please only bring with you family who will be photographed during the session.  Additional fees apply for families over 4, please inquire about the details.

      Family and Children Portrait Session

      These session last on average 60 to 90 minutes, and can take place in the great outdoors or in our studio.  When the weather is cooperating there is no place better than outside to allow children to roam freely, help adults loose some camera inhibitions and get the family interacting naturally.  When choosing a location considers what you family likes to do, as well as time of day and temperatures.  And of course if you have little ones who still nap, its ideal to photograph them right after nap time or early in the morning when they are happiest.  Crabby kids don’t make for good photos or good memories, and after all you will always remember what you felt when you took those photos- so having a good fun loving attitude is key!

      Putting together the wardrobe your family will wear for your session is paramount in helping you get photos you will love.  I recommend choosing 3 colors that work well together and trying to find clothes that incorporate them in your family’s wardrobe.   Try matching a few colors that pop with neutral colors.  Coordinate but don’t match!  Varying tones of the same color, with some fun textures, patterns and accessories work great.  Scarves, hats, flowers and flashy jewelry and jackets will make images pop.  Small kids don’t need accessories, but be careful with short skirts on little ladies, if you choose a short skirt or dress be sure to put on some fun bloomers or thighs under that you wouldn’t mind popping out in the photos.  Avoid uncomfortable fabrics on children, if they are itchy or hard the kids will be pretty unhappy.  Stay clear of sneakers, unless they complement your outfit like a trendy Converse or Vans.   Also, avoid logos, graphics and characters; these tend to take the “finished” look of a professional portrait down a few notches.

      When you think you’ve found the right wardrobe- lay it all out on your floor and snap a photo of it- you will know in an instant if you made the right decision.  And whatever you do, don’t wait until the morning of your session to try to figure out what you want to wear!  Still not sure, email me a photo of your outfits and I will be glad to make recommendations!

      Check out our Pinterest Board for some wardrobe ideas: 

      Maternity Portrait Sessions

      I look back at my maternity photos and they always put a smile on my face. They remind me of the little person who was hiding inside, and I look at my children in wonder that they once occupied the same space as me.

      There is always a little bit of magic and anticipation in maternity sessions, and I love to capture families ‘in waiting’.

      Most moms schedule their maternity sessions between week 30 to 35. Sessions can take place in our Studio using different backdrops, outfits and studio lighting or we can take your baby bump for an outdoors adventure. Outdoor sessions can be in the forest, on the beach or even in the snow if you are willing to brave the cold (I am including a photo of myself below to demonstrate my braveness- I had my son 2 weeks after this photos was taken)

      maternity-photoI recommend two different outfits planned for your session. And don’t forget to coordinate your outfit with your spouse or others who will be photographed with you. Solid colors with textures, baby doll waist dresses with belts will help frame out your belly beautifully. Outfits that hug or reveal your stomach will look great in photos.

      Take a look on for some fun ideas and outfits :

      If you are unsure of what to wear, we are here to help.


      Engagement Portrait Sessions

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      Wedding Day Tips

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