I was once told that people don’t really care what you do but why you do it.  It’s the “why” that drives people, the “why” of things that matter most.  Why do I capture images?  Because it's my art.  Ask any artist about her work and she will tell you that it’s like falling in love, that new and novel type of love, the kind you can’t stop thinking about, fantasizing about.  It becomes a type of obsession, it tightens its grip on you and the only way you can breath again is when you surround yourself with it.  My photography is like that for me.  It gives me room to breath. 

When most teenagers covered their walls with photos of favorite musicians or heart throbs.  I covered mine with clippings from travel magazines.  A tapestry of blue waters, golden deserts, wide horizons and snow covered mountains- a far cry from the concrete reality of my NYC life.  Don’t get me wrong, life in the city had its perks- but it left my call for wanderlust unanswered.  I found an unlikely reprieve through the lens of a camera.  In a world of chaos and noise, I can focus in on one detail, one person,  and the world goes still.  For that moment you place the spotlight on your subject.

The details one would surely miss in our hurried world are examined and placed in the light it deserves.  The tiny hands of an infant, the delicate details of a dress, the toothless smile of a toddler or the abounding belly of an expectant mother.  For that moment, all eyes are on you.  And I love to watch and encourage the beauty to blossom for my lens.  I love to create artwork for the family home that will inspire future generations to lose themselves in your eyes, or your baby’s smile, and see small reflections of themselves in you.  We are not merely taking photographs, we are creating a visual history… your story.

For the record, I did get to see the blue waters, golden deserts, wide horizons and snow covered mountains.  And I’m not done yet, the ‘out there’ beckons me.  It instills in me that urgency to teach my children to protect it, to love it, to embrace it.  Because I know that ‘out there’ in the open spaces and far away places is where they can one day find themselves.  My photography continues to be my secret realm.  A realm where I can bring to life what already lives in my mind.

4th of July

California Sunsets

Crisp Glass of Chardonnay

Desert Colors

First Blooms

Summer Evenings