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  • Engagement Photos | Michelle and Amado

    Engagement Photos

    It was a golden evening at Gold Rush Farms in Easton, CT. The sun was shining, the birds were churping and the horses clearly loved all the attention they were getting. Michelle and Amado were so much fun to work with as we photographed their one of a kind engagement session. Check out some of our favorite shots from this fantastic evening.


    Engagement Photos

  • Enchanted Engagement Session|Guilford, CT

    Enchanted Engagement Session

    We truelly had an enchanted sunset for Paulina and Krzysiek’s Engagement Session, the light was absolutely stunning and who could beat the location! I am so excited to see these two lovebirds tie the know (offically!) not only because this beautiful women was once my tiny little neice, but also because she will be a stunning bride!  I just know that they will be happy, because they already are!   A lifetiem of love and happiness to these two awesome people! Sto Lat!

    Enchanted Engagement Session

    Enchanted Engagement Session


  • Engagement Session for Katie and Tommy | NY

    Engagement Session for Katie and Tommy

    We pretty much had the perfect early fall day for Katie and Tommy’s engagement session. We were able to find so many picuresque spots on the Long Island Sounds in the historic town of Cold Spring Harbor.  I absolutely adore this part of town, its just amazing and it feels like you left New York and transported yourself to another time and place.  I loved spending time with these two wonderful people and I cannot wait to capture their perfect wedding day!

    Engagement Session
    Engagement Session
    Engagement Session
    Engagement Session

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