Family Photos- B Family | Trumbull, CT

Family Photos

To be a part of a family’s journey is a privilege and when it comes to the B family I’m happy to say I’ve been documenting their family story since their first baby arrived! I love spending time with families and watching them grow- its the greatest joy I have in my work ! We had the most amazing session with the B Family and we had some really amazing light and color to boot!
Family Photos 2017-2.jpg
Family Photos 2017-5-1.jpg
Family Photos 2017-8-1.jpg
Family Photos 2017-10-1.jpg
Family Photos 2017-13-1.jpg
Family Photos 2017-15-2.jpg
Family Photos 2017-18-1.jpg
Family Photos 2017-20.jpg
Family Photos 2017-27-1.jpg
Family Photos 2017-23.jpg
Family Photos 2017-25.jpg
Family Photos 2017-36-1.jpg
Family Photos 2017-40-1.jpg

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I was once told that people don’t really care what you do but why you do it. It’s the “why” that drives people, the “why” of things that matter most. Why do I capture images? Because it's my art.


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