Avni’s Newborn Photos | Monroe, CT

Avni’s Newborn Photos

This little lady is super special to me because I have known her daddy for a very long time and he’s been a very special Uncle in my children’s lives.  We are fortunate to watch this very special uncle find the perfect wife and they created this amazing beautiful girl.  I cannot wait to see Avni grow and be adored and cherished by so many wonderful people in her life!  What a blessing!

Avni Newborn Photos-17.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-14.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-1.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-12.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-4.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-6.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-8.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-21.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-22.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-25.jpg
Avni Newborn Photos-26.jpg

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