Anya’s Sitter Session | Milford, CT

Anya’s Sitter Session

I have been photographing little Anya since she was in her mammas belly, and I have loved every single session. As you can image I was super excited to photographer her during this every important milestone- when a baby learns to sit! Their world changes and they get a completely different perspective on life. This was by far my favorite stage of babyhood with my own children and it always makes for a fun session! Little Anya was dashing in all her beautiful outfit and setups that her mommy and I worked on putting together for her special session. And little Anya did not disappointment with her happy smiles and giggles! Fun fun fun
Anya June 2015-2.jpg
Anya June 2015-10.jpg
Anya June 2015-11.jpg
Anya June 2015-14.jpg
Anya June 2015-20.jpg
Anya June 2015-27.jpg
Anya June 2015-24.jpg
Anya June 2015-39.jpg
Anya June 2015-41.jpg
Anya June 2015-47.jpg
Anya June 2015-45.jpg

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