4th Of July Photo Session

4th Of July Photo Session

At this point its become a little family tradition to take photos for the 4th of July Holiday. Perhaps its the colors or the promise of the beginning of the summer that always gets me a bit excited to get out there and take photos of my own kids. Luckily my kids love the beach and wasted no time at all digging right into their beach time shenanigans. Amazingly they managed to return home filthy after only 2o minutes of wearing their new outfits! Typical! Oh well, it was totally worth it for me. Happy 4th of July to everyone, lets take a moment to remember all the amazing things that make this country so great!
4th of July 2016-1.jpg
4th of July 2016-12.jpg
4th of July 2016-10.jpg
4th of July 2016-3.jpg
4th of July 2016-4.jpg
4th of July 2016-6.jpg
4th of July 2016-9.jpg
4th of July 2016-5.jpg

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